Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspiration from Claudine

My friend Claudine sent me some photos in an email today. I decided to upload them to my blog, which is serving as a digital scrapbook for me-a way to organize the photos I come across that inspire me. Thanks Claudine!

I like this one because it is such a simple color palette.  I find myself wanting to go monochromatic with bold pops.  It is very hard to do.  I have to restrain myself because when I add too much, nothing pops.  Keeping everything simple allows those fabulous organic curtains to steal the show.  Sophisticated casual!
I saw this on one of my favorite blogs the other day-greige which I have listed in the right margin of this blog.  This look is all about fabulous architecture.  I love those pots!  And love how they kept the color palette clean and neutral so that the green of the plants pops.  Awesome.  How about that fabulous pedestal.  Love it!
This is my favorite of the photos Claudine sent.  I adore this color palette-the cool tones of the grey walls juxtaposed against the warm tones of the roman shades, wood and rug.  And lots of white to rest our eyes.  Those natural fiber shades are the pop and it is achieved because of restraint in the color palette-hard to do!  And the animal skull is just icing on the cake-love it. 
This is my last photo inspiration for this post.  Same room as the first one, but now we get to see that fabulous fire place.  What a great idea for the summer look of the fireplace-stacked wood.  Hmmm...I wonder how termites fit in that plan.  Maybe if the wood was outside for a hard freeze and then brought in?  I'll have to think about that one.  I can see those yummy curtains and all that beautiful millwork.  We're hoping to add crown around our family room.  It's good to see an example where the white crown and millwork works well with the rustic fireplace.  Makes me more confident about doing it.

Thanks Claudine for all the photos!  Keep 'em coming:)

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