Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm currently obsessing on the color grey. I want to use it in the office above the beadboard. I'd like to find a steely grey-blue to tie in the magnetic bulletin board maps we put up this summer. I think the grey will tie in the black, white, and red that is in the room as well as the light blue of the maps.
We love the new hutch we got this summer. Only $150-what a steal and it was already refinished. I love it. Brian is going to drill some holes in the back of the drawers so that we can use the drawers to charge our cell phones, etc.

I need to reupholster the chair. It was my grandma's and I've had it forever-have never gotten around to having it reupholstered because I can never decide where it's going to stay. I would love to cover it in a black herringbone pattern. That would look so cool, and would fit in any room in my house. I'll also need to redo that window treatment whenever I make a decision about the paint color.
It's funny. I'm always drawn to the same photos. I found this photo last year and stumbled upon it again today. That color grey is the color I'm thinking about using above the beadboard in the office. Doesn't it look great with all the white and the bold pops of black? I also love the way it looks with the traditional dresser. The pop of orange is amazing.

Look what I found in a completely different search. It's the same room with the same yummy grey, and I love that chair. It's funny that I just posted my idea of black herringbone and then found this photo. I feel a design coming together!

I'll bring the grey into the laundry room also-it's just 1 foot wide at the top so it can handle a very saturated color.

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