Friday, January 7, 2011

Powder Room

The electrician should be here any minute to do some odd jobs and to take the first step in the "extreme makeover" for our powder room.  Right now, it's pretty ho-hum.  I love the sink, but that's about it.  We had to adhere to "code" when building the house and they installed a fan/light combo which I have hated ever since it went in brand new 6 years ago.  I want to have the ceiling papered so the first step is to get rid of the beastly fan/light fixture, replace it with a separate fan and separate light.  Then, the fun begins-we want to get a cool chandelier that will hang down over the commode, and then have the ceiling papered in some sort of bold, damask paper.  The tricky part may be getting someone to come to wallpaper such a small section-just the ceiling of a very small powder room.  However, I've never wallpapered, the ceiling is textured and the skilled wallpaperer will have to wallpaper the fan cover so that it goes away with all that pattern.  Then, we'll have a carpenter put up 2-paneled wainscoating the entire height of the wall, paint the walls out semi-gloss white like the moulding and we'll turn our Cinderella powder room into the princess at the ball. 

Hurrah!  We're one step closer to a beautiful chandelier.  That beastly fan/light combo is no more, replaced with a simple fan cover that can be wallpapered and a lovely dangling lightbulb that will soon become a chandelier!


I was just updating the blog and realized I never uploaded the photo to show the end result of this project-at least phase 1.  Love the chandelier, still waiting for wainscoting and wallpaper, but we're closer to the finish line. 

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