Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ideas for Our Family Room

I'm always trying to think ahead about where we're going next in the hopes that I don't do anything that I'll need to undo later.  I'm starting to think about what to do to tie in a flat screen tv when we get around to that purchase.  Our current tv will move to the basement as we continue to turn that into a second family room as the kids get older. 

I'm thinking about doing white crown around the top of the whole room, and we're considering having a carpenter friend put some built-ins on either side of the fireplace.  We might just do built-ins on the right side because we really like the look of the open armoire to the left of the fireplace.  I'm thinking of doing closed cabinets at the bottom across the entire wall to the right of the fireplace-about 18 inches deep.  They can house any components.  Above the cabinets, we'd put the 50" flat screen monitor and flank it with 12-inch deep book shelves on either side and some book shelves across the top.  I'm seeing this all painted out in white to match the trim, with crown at the top and across the top of the fireplace.

Love this photo from Maggy Moon Interiors-it supports the idea that we could do an asymmetrical look.  It also shows that white built-ins can tie in well with the rustic look of a stone fireplace as long as the rest of the furnishings are transitional.

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